“Take Time to Smell the Roses”…And Admire God’s Handiwork….

Speaking of slowing down and noticing things…This little guy visits me every morning: 
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I am currently offering the workshops listed below.  If you are interested in booking a workshop, please contact me at:  glacken@ctc.net.
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All images © Annie Glacken Watercolors
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Journaling with Ink and Watercolor:  In this class we will explore new techniques and pointers for sketching and painting in ink and watercolor.  Some of the topics we will cover are:  how to mix bright clean color, how to use a grisaille under painting for value, how to create illuminated lettering, and how to embellish our own handwriting.

Sketchbook Journaling:  How would you like to learn how to take time to "smell the roses" by documenting everyday things and moments in your life?   When we sketch the mundane details of life,  they become sacred. Sketchbook journaling is a relaxing and meditative way for us to slow down and savor the "ordinary things" we take for granted:  a sentimental object, a place visited, a favorite quote, a beautiful flower, etc.  At the same time, you are creating a beautiful keepsake of the moments of your life.

Whether you are new to sketchbook journaling, or have recently begun, come join us in the journey.  In this class we will explore sketching tips, how to design layouts of our pages,, different page borders, and how to create faux calligraphy. 
Color Mixing for  Clean Vibrant Watercolor:  Are you tired of creating muddy watercolors?  In this class we will explore color theory for mixing bright or muted colors, how to mix greens, how to mix grays, how to use a split primary color wheel and a limited palette.